The App Shortcut Pdf

I have been trying to display pdf file which I am getting as a blob from a $ response. The pdf must be displayed within the app using for example.I came across couple of stack posts but some how my example doesnt seem to work.JS:according to this doc, I went on and tried.$'/postUrlHere',{myParams}).success(function (response) { var file = new Blob([response], {type: 'application/pdf'}); var fileURL = URL.createObjectURL(file); $scope.content = fileURL;});Now from what I understand, fileURL creates a temporary url that the blog can use as refference.HTML:I am not sure how to handle this in angular, the ideal situation would be to (1) assign it to a scope, (2) 'prepare/rebuild' the blob to a pdf (3) pass it to the HTML the app shortcut pdf using cause I want to display it within the app.I have been researching for more than a day now but some how I cant seem to understand how this works in angular. and lets just assume the pdf viewer libraries out there weren't an option.